2018 Civil War Days At
Dollinger Family Farm

Participant Information
and Registration
Civil War Days At Dollinger Family Farm - Event Rules

PLEASE NOTE: All military units will be located on the hill.

To better mange our budget Bounties will be paid to invited units of registered prior to September 30th, 2018. If you register after this there is no guarantee of a bounty being paif to your unit.

Individuals receiving checks for $600.00 or more are required to present a W9 or 1099 to the Committee.

Artillery bounties - $100.00 for full size cannons with a wheel height of 57 inches and $ 50.00 for full size mountain howitzers.

Cavalry bounties - $ 50.00 per horse - Proof of coggans test at registration.

All Commanders are responsbile for their commands firearms identification card requirements for the State of illinois (Illinois residents, All others must meet their individual state requirements)

This is a brigade event, all units will report, drill and be subject to Union or Confederate Brigade Commands. There are no indepent units on the battlefield. Civilians will be subject to an appointed Mayor - who will perform the functions of orderly camping and activity. Provost Marshalls will be appointed by Brigade Commanders.

Rounds for rifles and pistols should be of period off?white paper and style. Loads for powder no larger than 60 grains for rifled musket and 80 grains for smooth bore muskets of 69 cal. or larger and 30 grains for pistols. No pulling of rammer and/or ramming of paper in rifles/muskets during BATTLE. Bayonets will not be pulled or fixed during Battle. Pistols are to be worn and used by persons of the proper and authentic impression only. Artillery members are not to wear pistols while operating guns for safety reasons. All pistols, rifles and muskets are to have proper charges in them always. All soldiers must be 16 years of age. All weapons must be inspected by the unit commander or designated N.C.O. prior to battle or any other exercise that the musket or any other firearm is to be used. ALL SAFETY VIOLATIONS WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY. Only properly functioning historically accurate weapons of the American Civil War period will be allowed.


1) Artillery participation is by invitation only and at the discretion of the respective Federal and Confederate brigade staffs. If you would like to be invited, you must contact your Brigade commander [1st Brigade, Illinois Volunteers [Federal] or Copperhead Legion [Confederate]] for an invitation.

2) Cannon bounties will be $100 for full scale, 57" wheeled guns and $50 for full scale mountain howitzers and the like.

3)Artillery rounds must be of the proper size and powder load for the muzzle type being used. Use only black powder. When un?attended, the artillery piece must be unloaded and locked down along with its attachments and accoutrements. Officers only should have side arms as the committee considers this a safety issue. All ammunition must be kept in accurately reproduced cartridge boxes, packages, and crates. All powder should be stored in a safe place away from open flames and other heat sources. Please make your cartridges before coming to the event as exposure of loose gunpowder to unsafe conditions is prohibited.

All drill shall be conducted on the Battlefield unless given permission by the event ccoordinator. All military participants must drill with their particular units to be eligible to participate in the Battle.
It will now be the policy of this event that:
A. All persons found responsible of conduct of a violent and/or threatening nature shall be removed from the event immediately and permanently.
B. All persons found responsible for conduct endangering another person's health and/or life with any kind of weapon shall be removed from the event immediately and permanently and the police/authorities may be notified or called immediately.
C. Any person found responsible for any of the above situations but also found under the influence of alcoholic beverages of any kind and/or illegal drugs, the authorities/police will be called/notified immediately and that person arrested and permanently barred from the event.
D. No firearms or knives of any kind will be allowed at the Ball on Saturday night. Officers must sheath their swords and carry empty revolver holsters or otherwise leave holsters and/or swords in camp.
E. All weapons will be immediately unloaded after the Battle while still on the battlefield prior to marching back to camp and cleaning of weapons. DO NOT unload weapon in camp by firing weapon. Empty it on the battlefield.
F. Weapons should not be left loaded and lying around camp. This is a safety problem. All loading of weapons is: loaded weapons have no business in our camps, at the Ball, in our civilian camps or anywhere else except on the battlefield or in situations that may be supervised by responsible officers and N.C.O.'s. should be just prior to battle. This should be the responsibility of all Unit commanders.
G. Breach of these policies may result in expulsion from the event.

A current EIA test (coggins) is required for each animal and must be provided at registration before unloading. If your paperwork is out of date or you don't have any paperwork at all, your animal will not be permitted on site. Please have your animal tethered at all times when not being used for event purposes or exercised by owner.

Dollinger Farm Civil War Days Event welcomes all period impressions. Please, no impressions of bad taste. All impressions must be of the mid-war era. Please adhere to the proper styles of clothing, dress, head and hair wear for men, women, and children. That is clothing and hairstyles of the 1860's. Period type eyeglasses only should be worn. Make-up was not common for women of the period.

All medical impressions are welcome, as well as other specialized impressions such Signal Corp, and musicians. But all must have authentic period impressions. The committee must approve any other special impression that may be out of the norm.

Camps will be divided by military and civilian as well as Federal and Confederate. We have no modern camping facilities. All items of camp equipment exposed to the public should be of the mid-civil war era in order to give the proper appearance to the general public. All tents should be of the proper type for the 1860's. All modern articles must be out of site during public hours of the event. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND/OR ILLEGAL DRUGS will be permitted and if found will be dealt with harshly!!! Vehicles will be permitted to enter camps to load and unload only before and after public hours of operation. All vehicles must be out of public viewing areas during event hours. Please, do not bring pets to the event. All vehicle parking should be in designated areas only.
New - At the conclusion of the event all straw should be raked into piles at the head of company streets and all fire pits need to be attended to and doused.

Proper areas for all military camps will be established and separated for both sides. Please, properly situate and continuously supervise appropriately functioning fire-pits.

All uniforms must be made in period styles, be made from materials closely resembling period fabrics, and usie tailoring techniques appropriate to Union and Confederate armies in 1860's. Participants should not portray officers above the rank of captain without approval of the event committee.